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challenge 11 - voting

YAY!!! We've made it to the LAST round of voting - with everyone gettin' their stuff in on time and all. :)

Voting will be SO much easier this week. I mean... the icons are all beautiful and it won't be easy to pick your faves BUT you don't have to pick your LEAST faves and provide concrit. PHEWF! This will make it more fun for both you and me. :)

1. If you submitted icons this round, DO NOT vote.
2. You don't have to be a member of the community to vote.
3. The icons are broken into three groups according to theme. You'll be asked to name the best icon in each of the three groups. It's highly recommended that you provide a reason for your selection but it is not mandatory. But it would be nice. So I think you should. So you will, right?

Sample voting:

Best Icon - Group 1:
Icon ## - The quote is clever and matches the image well!

Best Icon - Group 2:
Icon ## - The colours are so vibrant!

Best Icon - Group 3:
Icon ## - The composition is incredibly unique!

4. Each positive vote is worth 1 point. The iconmaker who pulls in the highest number of votes for their icon will be our winner!

Voting will end Monday September 21 at 11:59PM (US Pacific time).

group 1 - maker's choice
01) 02) 03)

group 2 - i want to believe
04) 05) 06)

group 3 - blue
07) 08) 09)

Good luck to the participants and thanks for voting!
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