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And the last iconmaker standing is...

I apologize for the delay in getting the results up. I decided that I wanted to make your banners NOW so's you wouldn't hafta wait for them (like the winners of challenges 8-10 are right now). :)

The votes were SUPER close but we have a winner!!

Winner: easilyunwind with 14 votes!
mosaiclife entered 9 challenges and won TWO member's choice awards over the course of round 5
Click here for your banner!

7 votes, 5 votes, 2 votes

First runner up: xmaidelx with 12 votes!
xmaidelx entered 8 challenges and won THREE member's choice awards over the course of round 5
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1 vote, 4 votes, 7 votes

Second runner up: spud66cat with 10 votes!
spud66cat entered 9 challenges and won TWO member's choice awards over the course of round 5
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4 votes, 3 votes, 3 votes

I'm so proud of all three of you! While I was making your banners, I had every icon the three of you submitted next to each other and WOW. So much incredible work... so many wonderful icons. I feel VERY fortunate to have had the caliber of icon makers participate in round 5. :)

If you'd like the comments for your icons, let me know!!

I will volunteer the following comments from one of the final round participants since they weren't included in the final tabulation. She was so cute... she wanted to make sure you knew how awesome she thought you were. :) Here's what xmaidelx had to say about her competition...

easilyunwind :
your group 1 icon: I love your use of textures, and the clarity of the Scully crop.
your group 2 icon: I love the simplicity and clarity of your icon.
your group 3 icon: I love how this feels like a field of cotton candy. And not super seekrit FBI business. :D

spud66cat :
your group 1 icon: I love how clear everyone's faces are in this icon. It's a hard feat to accomplish, and you pulled it off well.
your group 2 icon: I love the dreamy feel of this icon. Despite Mulder having that mountain man beard I hated so much.
your group 3 icon: The subject matter here? PURE LOVE. Never stop making icons.

I want to thank all of our participants and everyone who voted. I had a blast running the thing - despite being stressed out the entire time that I would totally fuck it up. :) I'll post a feedback poll in the next day or so, finish up banners for challenges 8 thru 10 and give you an idea of when round 6 might start (hint: there's going to be some down time...). THANK YOU!! And congratulations to all of the winners. :)

- karen
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congrats guys ^^
I believe I voted for one of each of your icons XD
Congrats to you all: amazing work!
Congrats to everyone! :)
congratulations, everyone! you are all amazing. AND I think I will go back and find all of your icons (since you withdrew and weren't eliminated *shakes finger*) and I will make you an awesomesauce banner because you were so amazing this round as well. And next time, please remain in the challenge. YOU deserved to be there too!
awwww omg that's SO sweet. :) unnecessary but sweet. :)
well, I wanted to do that, but I can't seem to figure out which icons are yours in some of them. :(

Deleted comment

congrats dear!!! :)
CONGRATULATIONS! Can I be proud to be your bff right now? Totally proud. I'm all "THAT'S MA GIRL". Or...something.
Unexpected stuff is great!


PS. You are welcome.
Congrats to easilyunwind and xmaidelx!! Gorgeous icons!! :D