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08 September 2009 @ 03:21 pm
Myself, I did not make any alternates this round because I was SO incredibly proud of the icon I came up with... it might be my favourite icon that I've made ever. I'm EXTREMELY pleased and proud to have won. :) But what else did you guys do? Anythin?
08 September 2009 @ 03:20 pm
I had no idea that this would be so effing stressful. o__O The last thing I need in life is more stress right now - believe me. I could go on and on about why this is stressful for me but I will spare you. I won't spare my flist, however. There WILL be a tearful rant there later.

First - thanks to the folks who voted in the last poll regarding tie-breakers... and thank you for the comments. I apologize for not setting tie-breaking criteria in the first place. And I apologize for the lateness of the results. After throwing myself into this for three hours late last night, I needed some time away to mull things over and I've made some peace. SO....

the results are lurking behind this cut...Collapse )
08 September 2009 @ 12:57 am
Okie so with five makers left and 48 hours of voting... our results are as follows:

- 1 icon is the clear favourite
- 1 icon has clearly been voted the lowest quality

However... TWO makers are being eliminated this week (so's that we have 3 people left in the finals). There's a tie for SECOND lowest quality icon:
- One icon has 2 negative votes and 0 positive votes.
- The other has 4 negative votes and 2 positive votes.

Thus, they are tied with -2 points.

I *stupidly* do not have standards for breaking ties listed in my rules SO...

How should we break the tie between 2 icons....

Keep the voting up until someone breaks it
Eliminate the icon with the MOST negative votes
Eliminate the icon with the FEWEST positive votes
Eliminate BOTH icons and run with 2 finalists (I *hate* this idea)
KEEP both icons and eliminate just one maker this week *

* If the last option wins, and I make it through this week, I will drop out so there are three people in the finals.

ETA Another option suggested is to put up a separate voting JUST for the two icons in question... it's a thought... comment if you like this option best.

I have pimped the voting in three different places since I got home in the hopes that someone will break the tie but in case they don't... I'm looking for your feedback on what you think is fair. Comment with concerns or questions. Comments are screened.

07 September 2009 @ 07:12 pm
Voting is ongoing for challenge 10 - the semi-finals. It ends this evening but I'm headed out and not sure what time I'll be back home so I can't say if results will be posted RIGHT at midnight... As well, the challenge for the finals will likely go up tomorrow because I still need to hunt down a couple of caps.

In the meantime, vote in challenge 10 if you haven't!

- karen
06 September 2009 @ 12:48 am
Holy Mary mother of all that is holy and right! TWO iconmakers will be eliminated this week!

We had a last minute submission... and then I was super late in posting the voting. BUT all five entries were received... three makers will move to the finals following this round. OMG.

EDITED: Per a suggestion from a voter, please vote for just ONE fave and ONE least fave... and, if you are so inclined, PLEASE pimp the vote so we're sure to get lots of votes. :)

ALSO: Remember the rules (below) regarding constructive criticism. More info is here.

1. Don't vote for yourself. That's tacky. And against the rules.
2. You don't have to be participating in this round - or even a member of the freaking community - to vote.
3. If you ARE a participant, please vote.
4. You'll be asked to name the ONE icon you like the best. A reason is optional but hightly encouraged and may be subjective in nature.
5. You'll be asked to name the ONE icon you feel are of the worst quality. A reason is required and MUST be objective in nature. IE - it must reflect the technical quality of the icon and not your own personal preferences.

Sample voting:

Best Icon:
Icon ## - The quote is clever and matches the image well!
Lowest Quality Icon:
Icon ## - The texture overwhelms the image and the colour is washed out.

6. Each positive vote is worth 1 point. Each negative vote is worth -1 point. I'll add the two scores together and the iconmaker with the highest points total will win member's choice while the iconmaker(s) with the lowest points total will be eliminated.

Voting will end Monday September 7 at 11:59PM (US Pacific time).

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