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Welcome to xf_lims, a last icon maker standing community celebrating the X-Files!

Each week you’ll be challenged to make an AWESOME X-Files icon... each week you’ll vote for your favourite and least favourite icons... each week someone will be eliminated until...

One icon maker is left standing!!

Please read the rest of the rules before joining.

These rules were created with inspiration from likethegun_lims and several other lims communities.

Join the community. be sure to click “watch the community” when you join so you won’t miss any updates.

Follow the instructions at the sign up post for the current round in order to participate. Sign ups for the current round are finished as soon as voting goes up for the first challenge.

Each week, you’ll be provided with a series of caps and a set of instructions. Unless otherwise indicated, you need to submit just one icon - making sure to follow standard LJ guidelines (100px by 100px, less than 40kb).

When submitting your icon, please include the image and a link.

You can use a skip if you’d like... just comment on the skips post. If you have a skip remaining and you’ve failed to enter the current challenge, you’ll lose a skip.

Each participant is allotted one skip. An extra skip can be earned if you promote xf_lims at another journal or community. Leave a link to the pimp at the skips post.

The challenge galleries are provided to you ahead of time. If you want to make your icons in advance, go ahead! When submitting more than one icon at a time, please label which icon is for which week. Keep in mind... there may be special instructions (black & white, text, etc) now and again. If your icon doesn’t meet the criteria, I’ll let you know.

The challenges will continue until there are three or fewer icon makers remaining. At that time, we’ll move into the FINAL round! More icons, more time, more rules, more fun...

You do not need to be a member of the community or still active as a participant to vote. Everyone is encouraged to vote!

You cannot vote for yourself.

Your icons must remain TOP SECRET until the voting is complete! Please don’t solicit friends, family and co-workers to vote for your icon. It’s not fair and this is very srs biznizz.

Challenges will be posted weekly. Voting will run from Saturday 11:59PM until Monday 11:59 (US pacific time).

When voting, you’ll be asked to choose your two least favourite icons. You must provide an objective reason for your selections. Your votes must reflect the technical quality of the icon... not your own personal preference.

Acceptable: This icon is over-sharpened and the text colour clashes with the picture.

Not acceptable: I hate Krycek. This icon is for crap.

You’ll also be asked to choose two favourite icons! No technical reason needs to be provided but comments are appreciated.

All votes are screened.

A negative vote is worth -1 points. A positive vote is worth +1 points.

The icon maker(s) with the fewest number of points at the close of voting will be eliminated. In the event of a tie, both icon makers will be eliminated. Depending on the number of participants, one or two icon makers will be eliminated each week.

The icon maker(s) with the most points at the close of voting will be awarded “member’s choice”. I will also select a “mod’s choice”.

Read more on how to vote - see more examples and find out what happens if you DON'T vote correctly (hint: it involves either prison and a set of genital cuffs or your vote will be disqualified).

Tuesdays - results/new challenge
Tuesday thru Saturday - submissions
Sunday and Monday - voting

Previous Winners:
round 1 - crystal_lily
round 2 - xxjaybaby
round 3 - crystal_lily
round 4 - spaceyplum

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Note: I updated the affiliates list to disclude inactive comms. If you’d like to affiliate, please make a comment at the most recent post.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can PM me or leave a comment at the most recent post.